Leisure activities in Hunsrück

Activities in and around Morbach

In the immediate vicinity of our 3-star-hotel, there are many exciting activities that invite you to enjoy the outdoors and nature. Whether you prefer to hike or go on bike rides, here, everyone will find what they are looking for. Families also get their money’s worth: the forest playground in Morbach is fun for both adults and children and you can view numerous castles in the Eifel-Moselle- Hunsrück region.

Hiking in Hunsrück - Saar-Hunsrück tours

Morbach is a milestone of the Saar-Hunsrück climb. This unspoilt route takes you from Perl along the Moselle over Hunsrück all the way to Boppard-upon-Rhine. You can discover numerous circular routes, the so-called Traumschleifen (dream loops) just off the beaten track. The most beautiful routes close to Morbach are the Ölmühlentour (tour that starts at the historical oil mill), the Hunolsteiner Klammtour (Hunolstein gorge) and the Landzeit route.

Cycling & mountain biking in Hunsrück

Our 3-star-hotel is the perfect starting point for cyclist and mountain bikers. Hunsrück is full of numerous, well-developed cycle paths waiting to be discovered. The Hunsrück cycling path is particularly recommended or for those looking for something more demanding, have a go at the Morbacher-Rad-Aktiv-Route [active bike route]. Even motorcyclist appreciate the region due to its untouched landscape.

Tips on food & drinks in Morbach

Morbach has a wide range of culinary offers. Whether you prefer home cooking, Mediterranean dishes or Asian delicacies, there is something for everyone. Places worth recommending are the Pizzeria Luciano, Best Western Hotel St. Michael and the Bistro 4-Witz restaurant.

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